Welcome Milo

Milo was a homeless, skinny young orange tabby cat cruising the back streets of Duluth the summer of 2019. He was a pretty street smart resident because he would garner multiple breakfasts on his morning rounds. He was agile-getting onto roofs; lucky-hanging out under vehicles and not getting run over; a good hunter-he enjoyed chasing bugs, chipmunks and judging by the tapeworms he came with, did catch and eat his prey.

Milo’s hard life took a sudden turn for the better when Dr. Lisa’s friend, Kelly, found him on her front porch and started providing some much needed food and attention. Mats were clipped, he gained weight and started to warm up to people. She took him to her vet and had him examined and vaccinated. Determined to find him a home of his own, she shared photos, videos and stories all over social media and through her network of friends and neighbors. Despite his charms and antics, no one clicked with him. Kelly continued to reach out, insistent he needed a home soon. Weather would be turning colder and Kelly started worrying about what would happen to him if no home was found.

Dr. Lisa saw Kelly’s frequent posts on Facebook and something about this little cat tugged at her heart. She had an orange tabby cat many years ago named Milo. Having a soft spot for orange tabbies, she offered to take Milo and keep him safe at the clinic until we found him the perfect home. Coincidentally, Milo looks an awful lot like the orange tabby in the EPHC logo!

Milo arrived at EPHC in mid-August and took up residence in our cat ward, complete with his own kitty condo. And toys, a lot of toys. And attention. And a litter box. Despite being an outdoor cat most of his life, he took to his indoor bathroom with no issues. We neutered him, completed his vaccinations and deworming and let him acclimate to indoor living. Dr. Lisa began thinking of the perfect home for him and waited for just the right person to come to mind.

Meanwhile, Milo ingrained himself in clinic life. His penchant for food led to some serious overindulging. Stealing sandwiches, licking Kong paste off counters, dipping into treat jars, and sharing lunch with staff members, he was ALWAYS ready for his next meal. Soon, he would hang out in the treatment room perusing the next patient getting blood drawn, watching dogs having nails trimmed, and supervising pets undergoing dental procedures. He never interfered and he seems non-plussed by the activity surrounding him. He would be everywhere at once. He was around every corner. He enjoyed batting pens off counters and making us pay attention to him, but always in an inviting way.

We are happy to finally announce that Milo has indeed found his new home. He accepted the position of official resident clinic cat this week and will be remaining here at EPHC. He has become a fixture here and the staff is seriously in love with him and his daily antics.

If you happen to see him around, say hello. Be sure to bring a tasty snack!

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