Edinburgh Pet Health Center


In Memorium

Often, the hardest part of letting go of a special pet is knowing that time may take some of our memories of our companions. Keeping alive the memory of them is a very important part of the grieving process. We encourage you to memorialize your pet in whatever way you feel is necessary. Some ideas include: arranging photos of them in an album, framing special photos, and carrying photos in your wallet. Writing down special memories of your pet. Making a clay impression of their paw. Saving a bit of fur. Keeping pet tags. Making a donation to your favorite charity. Planting flowers, a shrub or tree in your yard. Keeping a special urn with ashes. Let your imagination help you plan a special memorium.

Our patients often become very familiar to the Edinburgh health care team. We invite you to submit a favorite photo of your deceased pet and a brief summary of their life for our waiting room memory book. If you submit a digital photo, we can include it in our web gallery as well.