Preventive Care

a veterinarian examining a dog on an exam table

At Edinburgh Pet Health Center, we pride ourselves on keeping pets healthy. Preventive care is the key to avoiding otherwise common problems. Our preventive care plan for your pet is tailored to their unique needs. The annual exam is the single most important component of your pet’s care plan. The exam will allow us to evaluate each pet carefully, discuss specific needs, find medical problems and address preventive care requirements.

We encourage all cats and dogs to be properly vaccinated for the risks they will encounter in their environment and lifestyle. In addition, we encourage owners to protect their pets from internal and external parasites.

Fleas, ticks, heartworms, and intestinal parasites are very common problems that are controlled with convenient, safe medications and environmental management.

Nutrition is also very important as obesity is a very common problem contributing to poor pet health, joint diseases, diabetes and other ailments.

Dental health is stressed and addressed on a regular basis.

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