Behavioral Medicine

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Behavioral Medicine is an important part of companion animal veterinary care. Behavioral problems are a leading cause of pet relinquishment as well as premature death.  From treating inappropriate urination with cats to aggression in dogs, prompt and comprehensive attention to behavior issues when they arise is critical to maintaining your pet’s well-being as well as the bond between you and your pet.

At EPHC, we address behavior issues during our preventative care appointments by advising new puppy and kitten owners on behavior training and prevention of unwanted behaviors such as scratching at furniture, inappropriate elimination, excessive barking and jumping, play biting, pulling on leashes and many other challenging behaviors.

In addition, we know that bringing some pets to the vet is stressful due to fear issues with some dogs and cats.  We practice Fear Free methods to ensure your pet is safely handled and their emotional well-being is addressed. Many pets benefit from a pre-appointment anti-anxiety medication to decrease their stress level and allow for uneventful handling for exams and procedures.

Behavior issues that arise over the course of a pet’s life are often based in medical problems such as anxiety.  We can assess your pet and help find solutions that allow your pet to adapt and learn new more desirable behaviors.

We routinely refer more serious behavioral cases to the board-certified veterinary behavior specialists at Veterinary Behavior Specialties of Minnesota.

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