Fear Free Resources

At Edinburgh Pet Health Center, we strive to make your pet's visits as stress-free as possible. To accomplish this, our staff receives training based on Fear-Free practices and procedures. To learn more about Fear-Free practices, or to just pick up some helpful everyday tips, view the links below. Or, head over to Fear Free Happy Homes for a more extensive library.

Help us personalize your pet's care by filling out a Pre-Visit Questionarre. Knowing your pet's specific triggers allows us to adjust their visits to avoid them or work around them.

Getting to know each animal's signs of fear, anxiety and stress can help owners and veterinary professionals address stressors early on a prevent a situation from becoming unmanageable. 

Watch this short video to see why we have embraced the Fear-Free culture, and how this benefits your furry family members when they come to visit. 

Get some Fear-Free, scientifically sound advice on how to start addressing some of your pet's unwanted behaviors. 

Check out Fear-Free Happy Homes articles and videos specifically for our feline friends! From hiss-terical to feline fine in no time. 

Explore Fear-Free Happy Homes advice on giving your pooch the fulfilling and stress-free life they deserve! All articles and videos are thoroughly vetted by board-certified dog-tors.