Pain Management

sad-looking dog on exam table with bandaged leg

Pain Management is an essential service we provide to our patients.  Pets cannot always tell us when they are in pain. Cats especially are masters at hiding signs of distress. Vocalization is not common with many pets and is unreliable as proof of pain. Dental pain especially is difficult to detect as dogs and cats simply must eat to survive. Pets with toothaches often just swallow their food rather than chew it. In addition, osteoarthritis is a chronic condition that many pets “learn to live with” but the pain is actually very treatable in most cases.

Our team of veterinary caregivers are all trained to identify signs of pain in pets. We evaluate every patient for pain and will address those needs when it is apparent.

All pets undergoing potentially painful procedures, either medical, dental or surgical are prescribed appropriate multi-modal pain management to allow for comfortable pain-free recoveries.

We will devise a pain management plan that is safe and effective for your pet whenever necessary.

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